1. Fresh flyknits for a fresh and new start at the new job. 

  2. This dude finally a shutter bug with his new cam! Auckland fun nights!

  3. Doing late night conversations right.

  4. The Birthday boy!

  5. Taking a break from the steering wheel is one of the best feelings! Being a passenger every once in a while.

  6. Where ice, sugar and caffeine all meet. Milse.

  7. Went straight for a long drive after a busy night shift. Celebrating this good life every single day with these people around me.

  8. Worked from 11 at night til 7 in the morning. Traffic at 9am. Appointments by 10. This cup and its content is my best friend.

  9. Went up North to take a break from traffic, loud horns, ambulance sirens and echoes from the city and hospital walls. It was a good day.

  10. Mexican food and vibes! Yes!!

  11. Those long night walks

  12. Up High Auckland chill views!

  13. Clearing some thoughts in these streets.

  14. Summer’s around the corner yet the wind’s still ice cold! Salute to this dude who ain’t cold as!

  15. Back in these city streets